For experience-hungry tea lovers, Raduga Teas is the fruit and herbal drink that delivers a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds because only Raduga Teas turn every colour of the rainbow!

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About us

Raduga Teas are focused on the enjoyment in the rituals of tea-making, especially with our rainbow collection as you have to make sure the temperature is right and then watch your chosen tea turn a vivid colour. You must choose your teaware carefully, opting for white, wide cups or clear glass goblets to enjoy the colour as much as the aroma and taste.

Tea nowadays is often seen as a choice drink for traditional and boring fuddy- duddies, builder brew drinkers or obscure, boring, health conscious people. We want to join those who want to show tea as a cool, trendy, hipster drink. We want people to reach out for Raduga Teas and say ‘Wow, whose idea was this?’ Every delicious cup of Raduga Tea is the result of months of experimenting with unusual ingredients from all around the world so that you can experience brand- new flavour sensations, loaded with anti-oxidants and plenty more health benefits.

After all, real-life adventurers don’t drink boring tea. They drink tea that turns every colour of the rainbow…

All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, and are hand blended and packed in the UK.

This means:

  • Everything can be traced back to the source.
  • All of our suppliers are screened, with thorough documenting of their 
processes, and audited where deemed necessary.
  • Our tea buyers have visited over 130 tea and herbal estates around the world so they have a good understanding 
of working practices in the main growing countries. 

  • All new batch ingredients are visually screened and tasted on delivery 
and batch samples are kept for twice the shelf life.
  • Our teas are SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved) accredited.

Our teas are made at the facilities located in the heart of the Kent Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and built using locally sourced oak beams and handmade tiles to the exact same specifications as 1,000-year-old tithe barns. Both the office and the factory utilise a biomass boiler for heating, water and welfare facilities, with the boiler being fuelled by sustainable wood from the surrounding estate.

We aim to have full transparency in the process. When you read our labels, you will know exactly which region your tea is coming from. So for English Breakfast you will know that it is not just a black tea blend, but Indian Assam, Sri Lankan and Chinese Yunnan black teas, and the base of the MisTEA Green is not just any green tea, but Chinese Chunmee, Japanese Sencha and Japanese Matcha green teas.

Every Raduga Tea is created only for us, so you won’t see these flavour combinations anywhere else. All our teas but one (Cherry Caravan contains sugar from dry cranberries and cherries) are completely natural and no artificial flavourings or colourings come anywhere near them. Raduga Teas boxes are 100% recyclable. Our silk tea bags are plastic free and we’re working on making our cellophane inner bags and tea envelopes recyclable too.

Here’s to life’s adventurers

Vibrant colours, unique concoctions and extraordinary flavours. Every delicious cup of Raduga Tea is a celebration of life – in all its weirdness and wonderfulness – and those that grab it with both hands. So, here’s to the adventurers, the explorers and the eternally curious. Here’s to the vibrant, the colourful, the unique, and the extraordinary. Here’s to you.

The people behind the tea

Talking of unique, the beginnings of Raduga Teas can be traced back to northern Russia, above the Arctic Circle. Here, tea was a central part of life for a young Irina – Founder of Raduga Teas – and her family. With temperatures dropping to -30°C in winter, tea was the best way to keep warm (besides vodka) and socialise in cosy gatherings. It was then that Irina started experiment with unusual flavour combinations, unknowingly in training to create her own adventurous tea brand years later. “I always liked the idea of experimenting with tea, just throwing in dry fruit, berries, fruit tree sprigs… especially fruit and herb infusions” Today, Irina and her husband run Raduga Teas from their slightly warmer London home, which they share with their three daughters.

A rainbow by any other name…

Raduga means ‘rainbow’ in Russian. Rainbows have been given many meanings by cultures throughout history. For the Norse, a rainbow was a bridge between earth and Asgard, home of the gods. In Irish mythology, they lead you to a pot of gold. To some, they signify a beloved pet’s final journey. And since the 1970s, rainbows have come to represent the LGBT community. For Irina, it’s simple:
“Rainbows just fascinate me. What could be more mysterious or beautiful? To me, they are the symbol of positivity, unity and love.” While real rainbows can be hard to come by, if you’ve got some Raduga Teas in your cupboard, just pop on the kettle, choose your colour and lose yourself in a new, or newly discovered, flavour experience.

Looks cool. Tastes great. Feels awesome.

Cardamom and Rose, Blue Pea Flower and Blueberry, Lavender and Pear… the curiously delicious medleys found in Raduga Teas are taste sensations you won’t have experienced before, but will want to experience again and again. The unusual ingredients haven’t only been selected to taste wonderful and create a rainbow simply from the naturally occurring colours – but to soothe, refresh and bring you back to yourself.

What makes you reach for a Raduga?

You might start to notice that you really fancy a Raduga Tea when you’re feeling a certain way – to cheer you up, to relax you or as a mid-afternoon treat at work. We’d love to hear what makes you reach for a Raduga Tea, so hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @radugates and let us know what you think.